Interpretive Aide

Assist with the design of interpretive services, construct and/or supervise construction of exhibits used in the facility displays, and maintain bulletin boards. Conduct interpretive hikes, walks, tours, nature programs and evening activities in the park and present talks to groups in the local community. Prepare reports of attendance at all interpretive programs. Assist facility manager on trail location and alert the manager of trail conditions. Write and prepare text for interpretive signs or pamphlets. Take photographs and assemble slides/videos in park files. Assist with visitor services facilities, including taking reservations, selling souvenirs, operating cash registers, tracking inventory, collecting statistical and survey data, scheduling tours and leading visitor group activities. Provide information to state park or historic site visitors regarding regional services and attractions and assist in vacation planning. Replace signs and update bulletin boards with new materials. Complete maintenance and service reports for equipment and building facilities. Enter data on artifact catalog cards into PastPerfect database, ensuring accuracy of entries. Assist senior staff with artifact inventories, requiring artifact handling, identification, description and photographing under close supervision. Assist senior staff with artifact cataloging duties, including artifact handling, identification, description, photographing and marking under close supervision. Perform specialized natural resource management tasks. This will include eradicating noxious weeds from natural areas by hand pulling, cutting, and applying herbicide with brush or hand sprayer. Assist with plant and wildlife surveys by helping naturalists with monitoring projects and field mapping, and entering field data into computer databases.

State Parks Youth Corps I

Examples of work that may be performed:

Research, write and produce a variety of print and electronic media in support of communication activities (press releases, articles and content for Web site and brochures).Review and edit written material provided by subject matter experts for grammar, punctuation, style and form. Recommend additional information or condense the material to suit the constraints of a target publication or audience, as appropriate. Perform various duties at concessions service counters, including guest registration, boat rentals, merchandise sales, fee collection, operating the cash register and credit card machine, and preparing and serving food items and beverages. Assist in stocking store inventory and setting up merchandise displays. Perform general cleaning and maintenance in and around concessions facilities such as cabins, stores and beaches. Calculate daily receipts and close out cash registers daily. Clean vault toilets, restrooms, picnic areas and camp areas. Mow grass, haul garbage and cut and haul firewood. Perform routine grounds and building maintenance. This may include such tasks as maintaining shrubs and removing unwanted vegetation from public use areas or backcountry areas of a management area. Perform general maintenance duties such as painting; cleaning, windows, furniture, and bathroom fixtures; mopping and waxing floors; sanitizing restrooms; and cleaning offices, beach houses, cabins and latrines. Perform equipment maintenance. This may include such tasks as washing equipment, checking batteries, changing oil, rotating and checking tires, tightening loose parts, sharpening blades and loading string in trimmers. Serve as staff for visitor center/office and act as receptionist; answer telephone and assist callers and walk-in visitors with public information. Maintain records and files and perform general bookkeeping. Assist with equipment or supply inventories, order supplies, and process invoices for payment. Provide information to state park or historic site visitors regarding park facilities, rules and regulations; regional services and attractions and assist in vacation planning.

State Parks Youth Corps II

Duties may include all of SPYC I duties, plus:

Maintain playgrounds, campsite amenities (including picnic tables, fire rings lantern posts, gravel pads, etc.), bulletin boards, shelter houses and restrooms. Plant trees and shrubs, remove dead and dangerous trees, and clear undesired vegetation from natural landscapes, streams and ponds. Assist in the construction and maintenance of trails, boardwalks and fences; remove ground and overhead walking hazards. Complete minor and routine repairs to buildings, roads and parking lots under close supervision. Complete minor repairs and installation of structures under close supervision. Physical stamina is a requirement of this position. Volunteer must be able to hike for extended periods of time, potentially over difficult terrain and in all types of weather. This position will be given basic trail construction, maintenance and safety information along with any needed guidelines for each trail project. The position may require the use of hand tools and other small equipment. Safety gear will be provided. Perform new trail construction under supervision of crew leader.

State Parks Youth Corps III

Duties may include all of SPYC I-II duties, plus:

Perform semi-skilled park maintenance activities, including painting buildings or other structures on ladders or scaffolding (both interior and exterior), repairing roofs and gutters, and making minor repairs to windows and doors. Build and repair foot bridges and other trail structures or overlooks. Assist in fire suppression activities with other park crews. [Most duties are performed during the fall, winter and spring.] Participate on natural resource management project crews. This may include tasks such as marking, clearing and constructing fire control lines; clearing, stacking or burning brush; planting trees, wildflowers or wetland plants; collecting seed from native plants; and eradicating noxious weeds. Work involves use of hand and power tools including backpack leaf blowers, rakes, shovels, hand saws and backpack or hand-held herbicide sprayers. Most projects are located out-of-doors, along trails or in backcountry portions of state parks. Perform and/or serve as lead worker on crews carrying out routine trail maintenance and new trail construction. This may include such tasks as tread work, installation of signage, clearing trail of vegetation or debris, and rehabilitation of damaged or closed areas. This position is expected to have previous trail construction and maintenance experience. Additional trail construction, maintenance and safety information along with any needed guidelines for each project will be provided. The position may require the use of hand tools and other small equipment. Safety gear will be provided.